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This winter I have been a Manor House Hotel wedding photographer in the Cotswolds twice. A true test of a venue is how well they work when the days are short, cold and the weather is unreliable. I would also say this is the ultimate test for a wedding photographer! Its all well and good taking nice photos on a beautiful dry, warm and sunny day with 16 hours of daylight to play with, but what about when the temperature is hovering around zero, it is dark by 4pm and a good chance of rain? That’s when a photographers efficiency, improvisation and ability is really tested!

It of course helps having great couples to work with, and Abi & Simon, and Tracey & Alexis were exactly that! Iv said it a million times, but I’m very fortunate in that because I market myself completely transparently, I nearly always get booked by people who “get me” and want what I do, and these guys are perfect examples of how that method works so well, and why I am happy to lose a booking to the wrong couple.

It results in days like these two. Beautiful, happy, friendly and relaxed weddings, where I spend the day as a guest with a camera rather than a contractor doing a job.

Manor House Hotel in Moreton in Marsh is the perfect venue for it too. Enjoy!

Another happy coincidence is that by virtue of both brides being NHS nurses, both weddings benefited from my NHS nurses discount. You can read more about why here.

Abi & Simon

First up back in November was Abi & Simon. They had the full day, including ceremony at the Manor House Hotel, and it was the perfect fun family day. The ceremony room is ideal, often at similar venues the space for the ceremony can be a bit compromised, but not so here, and being a separate space to the wedding breakfast room and reception area, there’s no awkward moving around of furniture!

Being November, we weren’t going to be outside for the reception, which is no problem as the reception space is great. Despite that lack of daylight, we still managed to get a perfect window for some portraits using the beautiful low winter sun!

A highlight was the singing waiters! After the food one of the guys who had been serving, picked up a mic and announced that it was his last day working as he was off to be on Britain’s got Talent, and burst into song! For half the first song the guests were in complete bemusement with no idea what was going on, which was hilarious for me as I had been briefed what was happening. When the penny finally dropped a full on mid-afternoon napkin waving gig commenced!

After dark we had some fun with a shot under the garden archway, then it was into the dancing and doughnut eating of course!

A big thanks to Abi, Simon and their friends and families for making me so welcome!

The photos were sensational

Lee Hawley Photography - Manor Hotel Moreton In Marsh - Abi & Simon-1

Wow… where to start. From the moment we met Lee he made both me and more importantly my wife so relaxed it was easy. We had a pre-shoot a few weeks before the big day and had such a laugh doing this with our son too and have some beautiful photos to cherish. The big day was so relaxing, we didn’t even realise Lee was there. We asked for more casual photos and he certainly delivered on that front, but his innovative ideas must be inspiring for young photographers. The photos were sensational, and I would highly recommend Lee to anyone, we will always be grateful for all his memories he has provided us with

Abi & Simon



Tracey & Alexis

It was 3pm, the wedding fayre had just finished and as I had a meeting to get to right after, I hurriedly packed up my stand. By the time I was nearly finished Tracey & Alexis were just finishing chatting to Beautiful Blooms who were in the stand next to me (who went on to create the incredible bouquets amongst other floral arrangements on the day), so armed with just an iPad and a brochure I welcomed them to my deserted stand! After a brief chat we arranged to meet up, and the rest is history!

A lovely February day arrived, and Traceys international bridal party were great fun to shoot whilst getting ready at the Manor House Hotel. Alexis was in a house with the guys just round the corner, so I managed to spend some time there too in the build up.

The ceremony took place in Lower Slaughter, which was the location we also used for a quick walk and the couples portraits afterwards. A beautiful village that never disappoints!

With some family living in South Africa unable to attend, there was some international broadcasting of the day over facetime, and one of my favourite shots is during the speeches of an emotional family member watching the touching speeches.

Another wedding where come the end of the day its hugs all round and I don’t want to say my goodbyes! Thanks for having me guys!

a lovely person who made us and others feel totally at ease with a gentle sense of humour

Lee Hawley Photography - Manor House Hotel - Moreton in March - Tracey & Alexis-517

Photography is such a personal thing, especially at your own wedding; the two things we focused on in choosing someone to capture our most important day were the relationship we had with our photographer and their ability to capture the moments as we saw them – formal and informal, overjoyed and, at times, sad and above all, as part of an amazing party.

Lee had all this and more – a lovely person who made us and others feel totally at ease with a gentle sense of humour and the ability to seem like he had disappeared at all the right times whilst still taking photos! He captured not just the memories we wanted to keep, but gave us so many more that we didn’t get the chance to see ourselves. The quality of his work is superb and he’s a really nice guy to boot. You won’t be disappointed.

Tracey & Alexis