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They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and this Cotswold Wedding Guide is a product of that mindset. When Coronavirus hit in March 2020 I had nearly 50 weddings scheduled for another busy and exciting year, and then within a couple of weeks my diary had been stripped bare all the way up to September (at the time of writing, it may get worse yet!).

I took some time to take stock, and to analyse the situation for me and the business and find any positives that could be used. It was clear that one big change is I was now time-rich. Which is a posh way of saying I didn’t have much to do now! I considered a few options. One was doorstep photography, which I have seen many other photographers now do to great effect, but I just didn’t feel it was my sort of thing. The other option was to blog galore, on anything and everything! With lack of time being the main reason I don’t get to blog as much as I would like under normal circumstances this was a good option, as it helps the websites google performance, and potentially exposes me to more couples.

Lightbulb Moment

But I had another idea brewing, that I felt had even more potential to elaborate on. Having already considered what skills and/or knowledge I have that can be reapplied in the current situation, an overwhelming understanding of Cotswold weddings was top of the list.

I had always had it in mind to produce a blog or section on my website to help couples in finding the right venue for them, but I simply never had the time with everything else associated with being a wedding photographer to do it. But now it was clear this had potential to become a much larger project, and being the sort of person that struggles to sit twiddling my thumbs (even though we have a 4 years old and 7 month old keeping us busy) I have relished the opportunity to use this time to do something I would not have been able to do otherwise and resulted in a truly unique Cotswold wedding guide.

So I am excited to introduce you to An Insiders Guide to Cotswold Weddings.


A labour of love, pouring all the knowledge of Cotswold weddings I have gained into a 64 pages printed guide of inspiring images, insights and insider tips.

Expert Contributions

I have called upon some of my industry buddies and top venues to contribute with their advice and experiences, as well as interviews from some of my amazing brides who have given priceless tips from their first hand experience, and being advert free, everyone featured is on merit, so you can know this is a genuinely honest product.

The guide Is for couples ranging from those starting the process trying to get a handle on where to star, through to those who know what they want but need help in finding the right people for the job, and to those who don’t really know what they want, but know they will when they see it!

So through 100’s of inspiring images, and over 20,000 words, I believe this guide is an essential tool in helping couples plan their unique Cotswold wedding! I’m incredibly proud of it, and it has turned out way better than I ever hoped, but throughout the process I have doubted myself endlessly. Asking myself, is this really of any value? Who’s going to want to pay for something I have written? Who cares what I think? But then I had these exact same doubts when I first had ambitions to become a wedding photographer, and that turned out OK, so I have taken a brave pill and put myself out there for criticism and ridicule, but have produced something I am proud to put my name too.


I have genuinely loved every aspect of this. Everything you see in the guide from the writing, through to the page layouts and photography has been done by me and contributors where detailed, so it has been incredibly satisfying. Working with my wonderful supplier colleagues who have contributed to articles throughout has been genuinely heart-warming, with special thanks going to my wonderful previous brides Haley & Rebekah who agreed to be interviewed and supplied their time so generously in creating the “Say YES to the Right Dress” article, and to Sophie for her wonderful insight in “A Couples Story” of her journey to the I do’s!

There is also a small army of unsung helpers in brides-to-be who are booked with me for the future, that have been a mine of useful information when researching the marketability for this project, and deciding what articles should be included, and what they would find helpful in their journey, so thank you to them.

Finally, if you would like to purchase your copy, just go to Being just me behind this project, I don’t have huge marketing clout so recommendations are a big part in helping it grow, so if you felt inclined, please share this post on your socials, and let any brides and grooms to be know about it. Please also give the social media accounts a follow by clicking instagram and facebook

something that I feel has been missing from my wedding planning

“This guide is just brilliant!!  Honestly, something that I feel has been missing from my wedding planning – an independent guide that you know isn’t paid-for advertising like in all the magazines.

Thorough the content, with ample ‘air-time’ to each topic, and I love the recommendations of different suppliers.

I particularly like the logistics/timing section, and the ‘real’ wedding interview at the Slaughters Manor.”

Jo Ledger


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Haley & Rebekah - Say YES to the Right Dress

Sophie - A Couples Story


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