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Being a Cotswold wedding photographer is a real bonus of living in the little village of Teddington where I have the pleasure of being a Cotswold Wedding Photographer at many of the wonderful venues we have in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, and have formed close working relationships with venues like Hyde House, Manor House Hotel, The Swan at Bibury, Lapstone Barn, Cripps Barn, Melksham Court, Matara, Hare & Hounds, Stone Barn, Kingscote Barn Cotswold water park, Pauntley Court and The Great Tithe Barn.

to name just a few, not mention those venues in the Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and South West.

These weddings have not only been enjoyed by local couples, but I have many clients who travel over here from London and all over the country for the dream country wedding, and perfect Cotswold Wedding Photography.

What is your approach to Cotswold wedding photography?

Every wedding is unique, and that is reflected in the the work as a Cotswold Wedding Photographer I deliver to you. I tell your wedding day story creatively and naturally, no standing around for hours having cheesy photos, I blend in like a guest with a camera capturing you and your guests at their most natural. I love to celebrate the joy and light of your day which hopefully shines through the pages of my website.

Just as every wedding is unique, every couple is unique as well. Some happy to play the model, others deeply shy and inexperienced in front of the camera. I work within your comfort zone, never dictating awkward or forced poses, but preferring for you to have a casual stroll together whilst I shoot from a distance, or place you within a beautiful scene simply existing together. Having worked at the vast majority of Cotswold wedding venues I also know how they like to work, which makes the process even smoother.

Cotswold Wedding Photography Venues

Hyde House

Exclusive, made for weddings and with loads of character

Cripps Barn

Personal, rural and tailor made for weddings

Hare & Hound

Rural, beautiful and full of character

Kingscote Barn

A bespoke wedding venue set in incredible rolling countryside


Personal, Unique and one of the friendliest teams in the business!

Great Tithe Barn

Tailor made for the perfect rustic wedding

What local knowledge do you have?

I have lived in Gloucestershire all my life, and now live in the Cotswolds itself. This means that not only do I know Cotswold wedding photography many venues well, but I know loads of other little spots to sneak away to if needed for either a few portraits on the day itself, or an engagement shoot in the build up. As you may have picked up from my website, I have a real passion for what I do, so anything I can do to make it even more personal and tailored for you, I will.

I live here with my wife Kim, our sons Milo & Monty, plus a variety of dogs, cats and chickens! I don't just work as a Cotswold wedding photographer, but I live it too, with a huge portfolio of Cotswold scenery photography, often with a dog or two in the foreground!

What locations do you cover?

Most of my weddings are in Cheltenham, the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and the South West, but I travel nationwide for several weddings each year, and will even go overseas.

Have a look at some of my favourite venues in:

Why Choose Lee Hawley Photography

This is not formal wedding photography – I tell your wedding story naturally and creatively. No awkward poses, no saying cheese & no taking you away from your guests for hours. My goal is for you to feel like you have a friend as your photographer. By doing that I capture you at your most you, and create genuinely personal images.

I would love you to watch this short video on how I go about my passion.

Cotswold Wedding Photographer Blog - Stone Barn Lizzy & Alex

One of my favourtite recent examples of Cotswold wedding photography is at Stone Barn.

Stone Barn is a gorgeous sancuary away from everything. It has what I want in a venue, with loads of character and spaces to explore outside, a beautiful building, some great ceremony locations both inside and outside, plus a friendly helpful team behind the scenes!

Stone Barn Wedding Photographer

The right wedding photographer for the right couple is one of my mantras. This is why I am so transparent with my informal, relaxed and fun approach to shooting weddings, as it puts off as many as it attracts, but means I end up with epic couples who book me to shoot their weddings as if I’m a guest, and get them at their most natural!

Lizzy & Alex’s wedding was the perfect example of this. We clicked from our first meeting, and I had so much fun capturing their journey through the day.

Prep time is always a special part of the days story, and Lizzy’s crew were up there when it came to banter. You know it’s a relaxed bunch when upon your arrival the brides sister is having her hair done in little more than her bra and the bride says “don’t worry about her, she doesn’t care”!

The ceremony was quite simply the sort you laugh through with tears in your eyes. A wonderful celebration free of rigid traditions and deeply personal. Loved it.

During the wedding breakfast I was taking a well-earned break, when a shout went out “RAINBOW!!”, Iv never ran so fast! Trying to get cameras primed as I ran, and wrestling through the guests while Lizzy & Alex ran ahead of me into the field for me to get the shot! We got it guys! We got it! Seconds later the rainbow disappeared, and high fives were had all round!

stone barn wedding photography

To round the day off we were blessed with a clear sunset and I don’t need asking twice to make the most of one of those!

Check out the highlights gallery below!

He felt like a guest himself and just went above and beyond our dreams

Stone Barn wedding photography

Lee was absolutely phenomenal.
Definitely one of the best decisions we made about our wedding.
Photos are natural, creative, candid… captured every moment and the lovely honest faces of our guests.
He felt like a guest himself and just went above and beyond our dreams. Super lovely guy, totally understood us and put us at ease. We got photos to wake up too which helped the with the post-wedding blues and a beautiful unique pack in the post only a couple weeks after the wedding!!!!!
It’s so special to have photos to treasure forever and I’m genuinely sad we won’t see him again!
Thank you so much Lee.

Lizzy & Alex

Who is the Cotswold Wedding Photographer behind Lee Hawley Photography?

Lee Hawley Photography is owned and run by little old me. Everything you see on my website, every photo, web page, brochure, leaflet, email or social media post is made by me. This is way more than a wedding photography business. It is an all consuming passion and I want everything you experience with Lee Hawley Photography to be the result of my approach, work ethic and style. Warts and all! I would rather things be a bit quirky but be the real me. I know for every couple that is puts off, another will feel a connection. Resulting in me being the right wedding photographer for the right couple.

I am never not at "work". Email me, and you will get a reply ASAP, often at all hours. In a previous life I worked for well over a decade in construction and building services. Including 3 years on the tools as an electrician. I know what hard work is and what long hours are. I maintain that work ethic and then some as a Cheltenham wedding photographer in my own business Lee Hawley Photography. Often up late into the evening editing your images to stick to the short turn around times I promise, or meeting couples any evening of the week, sometimes in different counties.

The truth is, this isn't really work. I feel immensely privileged to do something I love so much. So it is the least I can do, to give it my all.

You can see my obsession on my Instagram updated daily here.


I live in a little village near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. With my wife Kim, our 4 year old son Milo, new born Monty, Hugo the Bearded Collie, cat Dexter and 3 chickens. We also have 3 ponies, Paddy, Fern and Whisper. Oh, and my wife is a veterinary nurse, and serial animal hoarder. Can you tell?

Kim’s veterinary work and my working from home results in me being a very hands on dad. Spending a lot of my time with Milo, finding fun things to do, roping him into wedding photography research trips. Sat on my lap watching Thomas and Friends whilst I catch up on admin. Serving hundreds of meals, plus bath and bedtimes! I love it.


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This is not formal wedding photography

I tell your wedding story naturally and creatively. No awkward poses, no saying cheese. My goal is for you to feel like you have a friend as your photographer, and by doing that I capture you at your most you.

I truly invest in my couples, spending time to understand what makes you tick. Even if you don’t really know what you want, in a brief chat over coffee I will understand how best to approach your day, resulting in you being relaxed and able to enjoy your wedding and resulting in a set of images tailored to you.

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