About Me

A couple of clients have suggested I add this page about me, in their words "because you are a really friendly, professional guy!" and "you need to somehow get people who find you on google to get a feeling for how great you come across". Um, well I felt awkward just copying and pasting those quotes, so singing my own praises doesn’t come easy! It’s going to also be difficult to find a photo with me in!

Home Life

Let’s start with the easy bits. I live in a little village near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds, with my wife Kim, our 3 year old son Milo (and baby boy no 2 due in November), Hugo the Bearded Collie, cat Dexter, Rabbits Tim, Craig and Peanut, 3 chickens and 1 random duck. We also have 3 ponies, Paddy, Fern and Whisper. Oh, and my wife is a veterinary nurse, and serial animal hoarder. Can you tell?

Kim & Milo

​Kim’s veterinary work and my orking from home results in me being a very hands on dad, spending a lot of my time with Milo, finding fun things to do, roping him into photography research trips, sat on my lap watching Thomas the Tank whilst I catch up on admin, serving hundreds of meals, plus bath and bedtimes! I love it.Although in my wife's words I’m a “bad influence” at times, and you can see my influence in these photos!

Pets as Therapy

I have also recruited Milo to the charity Pets as Therapy who I have been a volunteer for since 2013. Where for 5 years we went to Knightsbridge care home on Saturday mornings with our little old Wire Fox Terrier Basil, for the residents to stroke or have him sit on their lap. They loved the addition of Milo as much if not more than seeing Basil! It’s a lovely experience which means so much to many of the residents who themselves had dogs in their lives, and get the opportunity to enjoy that interaction again.Sadly Basil Basil passed away in 2018. He was our little rescue dog superstar and you can read his story here. Loosing him was very upsetting but take solace in the wonderful work he has done over the last 5 years. I have since got our other dog Hugo qualified to take over the reigns, and im delighted Basils legacy can live on.


Elsewhere in my life I have a wonderful family. Parents who I see every week, as well as my sister, brother in-law and my 2 nephews and niece. I have an amazing group of friends, some of which I have known since I was 4 years old, and although our partying days are mostly behind us, we still meet up a few times a year to test just how useless we have got at drinking!


​I've had a bit of a roller-coaster life so far. 10 general anaesthetic operations tells a story, and I survived testicular cancer in 2016. But I am now fighting fit, and enjoying the best days of my life to date. You can read about my story here.


​Photography has always been a feature in my life, and is not just a profession to me, it’s not even a hobby, it’s an obsession!When my wife became pregnant with Milo I upgraded my camera to better capture his formative years. This rapidly accelerated to even more equipment, experience, and photography adventures to the point where I not only make a living from it, but I have found my life calling.

The Perfect Job

Photography ticks so many boxes in what makes me tick. ​I love technology, so that box is ticked. I love the great outdoors, nature and wildlife, so that’s a tick too. I love history and seeing back in time, and with photography I am very aware I am playing my small part in preserving memories for the future. I am fascinated by people. How different we all are, our backgrounds, our personalities and how we interact, and being able to capture those subtleties is another joy to behold.


Finally, I am a frustrated artist. I am a truly awful drawer. I see in my minds eye what I want to draw or paint, and once it hits the paper it looks like my son did it. Photography feeds that creative desire and then some. By using camera settings, my position, angle, zoom, depth of field & framing, my camera is my canvas. I am never happier than when I am behind the viewfinder. I feel free.

A True Gift

​It is a true gift to have found something that I love so much, and even more that I get to share it with so many people. People who come into my life when they're at their absolute happiest. Many of which stay in my life long after the wedding and remain friends.

I cannot wait for my next story to tell.