Severn Cider - Pippa & Adrian

Marquee Wedding Photography

Marquee Wedding Photography

I love a marquee wedding. So much so I had one! Back in 2012, unable to relinquish control to a venue we decided to do it all ourselves, so I love the opportunity to do some marquee wedding photography! Our wedding had nothing on Pippa & Adrian’s though! Check out the effort and detail that went into the décor and games in the photos below.

The day was one of the incredibly hot August Saturdays in 2018, and despite basically melting all day, I absolutely loved it. Pippa and her bridesmaids were just the most fun getting ready, and made for some great candid shots of them and their friendships.

Having already done the legal bits a couple of days before, Pippa & Adrian were able to be more creative with the ceremony, which included hand fasting and jumping a broom! Love it!

The wedding reception was mega. About 3000 kids in attendance, and with an unmanned glitter station, it not only resulted in some highly decorated children, but it meant the hot tub also turned into a vat of silicone!

Severn Cider did a great job too. The whole day was like a mini festival. Relaxed, happy and fun, just like Pippa and Adrian. It was a bit of a mission for them to put together, but so worth it.

Thanks for having my guys!

to top it all he is a lovely kind-souled being

Lee Hawley Photography - Severn Cider - Pippa & Adrian-145

Lee was absolutely amazing at both of our wedding celebrations that were completely different, from a low key family event in a woodland setting to a 250 guest marquee glitter festival party. He captured the events perfectly and worked tirelessly to be in the right place at the right time over and over again! We couldn’t recommend him more, and to top it all he is a lovely kind-souled being xxx

Pippa & Adrian

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