Hare & Hound Tetbury - Summer & Winter

Hare & Hound Tetbury Wedding Photographer

Tetbury in the Cotswolds is a crazy competative place for wedding venues, with 3 of my absolute favourites bespoke venues all within a 5 min drive of each other. So to stand out whilst competing in that enviroment is no mean feet, and Hare & Hound Tetbury does.

It helps as always having great couples, and I certainly had that with Ewout & Chirs, and Leanne & Chris.

Hare & Hounds is part of the Cotswold Inn group, and has their trademark quality accross everything they do!

Summer - Ewout & Chris

OK, so this wedding wasnt strictley speaking in Summer, actually taking place in April, but have a look at the photos and you'll see it tops most actual summers days. Plus I had to put suncream on so im counting it as summer.

Ewout & Chris were up my non-intrusive approach, with Chris esspecially being apprehensive of the prospect of having his photo taken. Thankfully the engagement shoot went a good way to reducing these concerns and the feedback on their testimonial below shows how well their photography experience went.

With half the guests coming from the Netherlands it was a unique occasion for the guys to have all their friends and families together, and my responsability to capture this once in a lifetime day! I absolutely loved it. Simply loads of happy people enjoying themselves in a beautiful setting. The attention to detail from Ewout and Chris was also a joy to shoot. I particularly enjoyed the paper boquets and detailing by Stems from Paper.

I hope you enjoy the photos below, and keep readiing for the Winter wedding below!

Lee has a great way of making you feel comfortable

It is hard to put into words the joy we have from looking at the amazing wedding photos that Lee took of the most spectacular day of our lives, but here’s a try.

From the get-go Lee was great at making myself and my now husband feel at ease in front of his camera. The engagement shoot really helped with us getting to know him, and it really felt like Lee was able to get to know us as a couple as well.

Knowing that most people are quite uncomfortable with having their pictures taken, Lee has a great way of making you feel comfortable. His candid style of photography, capturing moments that would otherwise be missed, has just proven to give us some of the best gems of the day! Lee was able to capture a glimpse of people’s experience of our wedding day, experiences due to the busy schedule of a wedding day we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. The day itself felt magical, and in every picture that Lee took he was able to capture it.

Lee went above and beyond, helping out with technical difficulties and sorting out some behind the scene issues. He even went as far as falling over, saving his cameras on the way down though, an impressive ninja roll later he stood up, shrugged it off – a hazard of the job – he said.

Our wedding day, the lead up to it, was made more special by having Lee and his personal style be a part of it. The delivery of the pictures was quick and very prompt. Having some pictures to wake up to the day after the wedding was just awesome, and to have them all ready within a week just surpassed any expectation that we had.

The quality of the pictures and the absolute joy we have by looking back at them really can’t be put into words, but if you’re looking for an authentic and genuine wedding photographer, someone who takes the time to get to know you as a couple, then look no further than Lee Hawley.

Ewout & Chris