Egypt Mill Wedding Day Experience – Getting the shot

​I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of the now Andy and Rich McQuistan last month at Egypt Mill. With a guest list of just under 50 the venue was perfect for their relaxed and informal requirements.

The weather was mostly bright and dry allowing guests to enjoy the private garden area exclusively for the wedding, and even when the odd shower arrived the also private interior spaces are great for socialising in small or large groups.

Andy and Rich didn’t want lots of posed pictures, and ultimately wanted a record of their day as it happened. I tried to exceed their expectations by capturing the fun and happiness clearly apparent throughout the day as well as some stylish shots of their gorgeous decor and did manage to grab them for a couple of couple’s shots.

I am especially proud of the photograph below this blog post. I had spotted earlier in the day that the staircase at Egypt Mill was a modestly beautiful thing, and after a quick look around it I had identified a striking angle looking straight down from the top floor. Knowing Andy and Rich are a bit camera shy I positioned myself at the top of the stairs when they were outside knowing they were due back in soon. Then as they came in I gave them a quick call to stay where they were, made a small adjustment to their exact position and got the shot. All done in no more than 15 seconds.

It is this area of photography I am most proud of. My priority is for you to enjoy your day and for me to not hinder it. It is for me to pre-empt situations unfolding, and to work extra hard to be efficient in getting the shots.

Egypt Mill seem to like the photo too as they posted it on their face book page recently.

You can contact them with enquiries about their venue at


Posted by Lee Hawley