Gift of a Wedding - Natasha & Oscar

Tortworth Court wedding photographer

I was tagged in a facebook post from Gift of a Wedding who were needing suppliers for a wedding they were putting together for a bride with terminal cancer. I immediately knew this is something I would love to be able to help on, so sent the charity an email offering to donate my services with a link to my website, plus my blog which documented my own brush with cancer.

The facebook thread exploded with hundreds of replies, and I didn’t expect to hear anything more of it, but a couple of days later I received an email from Patricia accepting my offer! I was of course very pleased, but also slightly apprehensive not really knowing what to expect. I had a brief email exchange with Natasha introducing myself and we arranged to meet up in a couple of months just before the wedding.

The day I was schedule to meet Natasha & Oscar didn’t quite go to plan. The day before Natasha was rushed into hospital to have emergency brain surgery, and the wedding now very much in the balance. A week later Patricia from gift of a wedding emailed me to say that the wedding had been postponed due to Natashas health. My heart sank.

But a couple of weeks later, I had another email from Patricia with a new date for the wedding, and that date was less than two weeks away! Luckily and thankfully I was available, but a mad rush to replace some of the original volunteers who were unable to make the revised date was on! Social media was pebble dashed with requests for help, and BBC Radio Gloucestershire had Natasha live on the air the week before the wedding date to appeal for the final few bits of help they needed!


I had scheduled a Skype call with Natasha & Oscar minutes after the Radio Glos interview, and my apprehension about what to expect was immediately removed during this chat with them both. They were like every other excited couple planning a wedding! We had a great chat about what their plans for the day were, and I explained a bit more about what I do. I finished the call more relaxed and very excited for what would unarguably be the most important wedding I have shot.

I arrived to a buzzing bridal suit. Natasha having her hair done by Kassie Knott, and her 5 bridesmaids in various stages of prep including make up by Carly Williams. Champagne on the go and a real air of excitement! Then with just 45 minutes until the ceremony time, Oscar realised he had left his suit trousers at home (more than a 45 minute round trip away!), but after about half an hour of panic the wonderful Moises from Tortworth Court came to the rescue having found a brand new hospitality staff suit in exactly Oscars size!

With that issue resolved, the wedding could go ahead and I was able to capture some of my best work as a Tortworth Court wedding photographer, but not until Natasha was ready, and with such a special group of bridesmaids, I really wanted to get all of their reactions to seeing each other for the first time all dolled up, resulting in some of my favourite reveal pics I have taken. Natashas stunning dress is by Devlin Bridal Couture.

It’s difficult to not have a beautiful ceremony in the Tortworth court orangery, but the work done by Siobhan and team at The Wedding & Event Works was remarkable, as was the incredible cake by The Cuppa Cakery.

I have said in the past how I can often get a lump in my through when a bride or groom makes their entrance, part of the reason is I am bit soft and feel the emotion in a moment, but the other reasons is I have the best seat in the house. Nobody gets a better view of the drama unfolding, and through my lens I see even more detail as I’m perfectly zoomed into the story I’m telling.

Natasha’s entrance was one such incredible moment. After the ceremony Patricia said to me “were you crying?!?!”, to which I replied simply “balled my eyes out!”. At least I know I can definitely continue working whilst having a mini breakdown.

Helen Roberts did a great job as celebrant, along with beautiful readings and music from friends made for a powerful and joyful ceremony.

After the confetti and a few group shots, we dived straight into some quite shots of Natasha & Oscar together as the sun was out, so made sense to grab it while we can!

The drinks reception gave chance for everyone to catch up before the wedding breakfast back in the orangery.

As you can imagine, the speeches were particularly powerful. But not perhaps for the reason you would expect. It is easy to overplay how nice a particular couple are, but not with Natasha & Oscar. Humble, incredibly likeable, and full of positive energy, are just some of my feelings for these guys, but even that doesn’t do them justice. So with these two as the subject, the speeches were entertaining, heartfelt and emotional. A pleasure to experience.