Real Wedding Day Moments

​​Every wedding day is first and foremost about the star couple taking centre stage, but like every good movie there’s a supporting cast that add depth, context and variety.

Some of the most satisfying photographs I capture are those natural, real moment. Someone laughing, kids playing, a funny expression, or a moment in time that tells its own little story. These might not be the photos you’d put on a billboard to show your best work, but they are actually the images that a lot of couples love most from their day.


​I often hear “you were lucky to be in the right place at the right time for that one”, and sometimes yes there is a bit of good fortune involved, but a big part of it is reading the day, anticipating things unfolding, being where the action is before it happens.


​It’s a bit of a 6th sense photographers need to have whether you’re shooting a wedding, an awards ceremony or a sporting event, as first and foremost you need to know your subject matter like the back of your hand. Only then can you capture it perfectly. On top of photographing weddings I have been an usher 7 times, best man twice and I’m married, so I know weddings from all angles! Having that experience and knowledge is a huge benefit in getting the shot, but also in helping the wedding flow itself as in all reality I would have been to more weddings than anyone else there! I get all sorts of questions, everything from to “what side does the bride go down the isle” (it’s the right hand side if you’re following tradition), to “how do you remove a wedgy in a wedding dress?” (this one takes more explaining…).


The result of these experiences are some of the shots in this blog. Perhaps not the photos you’ll put on your wall, but probably the ones that’ll raise the biggest smile.

Thanks for reading

Posted by Lee Hawley