One for the Lads

Google Analytics tells you some useful info about your website. Mostly things like what pages have been visited, where those visitors clicked from (google/facebook etc) and how long they hung around. Without getting too Big Brothery it does also tell you a couple of things about the people who visit too! Don’t worry, its nothing too personal, it is basically what county they were in, their average age, and quite interestingly, gender.

As it is usually a bride that I have most of my dealings with I assumed that females would outnumber men by some margin for visits to my website, but in fact male visitors shade it with 54.15%!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. My portfolio benefits from same-sex male weddings which would boost those numbers, and often photography can be seen as a more male pursuit.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to have you guys, so here’s a blog for you.

With a gang of friends iv known since I was 4 years old, plus a history of 7 usher and 2 best man appearances, I’m well versed in male banter and wedding day physcology, which makes my job of capturing that with my camera possible.

Groom prep is usually only possible if everyone is getting ready at the same venue, or if you’ve plumped for a second photographer. But when I get the chance, it’s great to snap some of those moments your other half wouldn’t normally get to see. their day.

As with my approach for couples shots, there’s no awkward poses here. Some of the best guy-shots are the natural interactions, and making sure you are in the right place at the right time.

wedding-photography-gloucestershire-lee-hawley-photographer-creative-candid-natural-cheltenham-grooms usher lads8
wedding-photography-gloucestershire-lee-hawley-photographer-creative-candid-natural-cheltenham-grooms usher lads13

But I also like to set up simple scenarios in order to create more specific images. The great thing with most groups of mates, is these scenarios quickly turn into a disorganised laugh-fest. Which is exactly what I want!

It’s not all fun and games though. Your wedding day is a day you’ll be looking your best. One to show the kids in years to come, so I have to catch the guys looking swarve too.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t get some of the nervy looks prior to the big moment itself.

It’s not all laddish antics though. Far from it in fact. Nothing brings out a guys softer side more than his wedding. Be it some touching words in his speech, a little gift the morning of the wedding, or simply that look when he sees his bride to be for the first time of “bloody hell I’m a lucky sod”.

The speeches can also get a little rowdy of course. Usually because of the best man, and sometimes the father of the bride!

wedding-photography-gloucestershire-lee-hawley-photographer-creative-candid-natural-cheltenham-grooms usher lad51

Although often more restrained than the ladies, the guys can be known to let their hair down.

wedding-photography-gloucestershire-lee-hawley-photographer-creative-candid-natural-cheltenham-grooms usher lad 52

Wedding photography doesn’t have to be posed, formal and uncomfortable. I approach much of the day as if I’m one of your friends, who happens to have a camera! By doing this not only do you not realise you’re having your photo taken half the time, but it gets me shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Typically a wedding is about the bride, but that’s not to say the guys are forgotten, certainly not with me!

wedding-photography-gloucestershire-lee-hawley-photographer-creative-candid-natural-cheltenham-grooms usher lad 60

Curve ball time (pun intended). Whilst I’ve got you guys, I’m going to remind you to check your balls. It could save your life. Click the photo above for more info!

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Posted by Lee Hawley