Marquee & DIY Wedding

For many its the dream wedding, a marquee in a field or an old barn you've made your own. The ultimate in relaxed laid back informal wedding. No agenda to follow but your own, completely personal and unique to you. I know because in 2012 thats exactly what me and my wife did for our wedding. They are high risk, as the British weather can have a larger effect on the day than a bespoke venue or hotel, but the pay off can be so worth it, and is why I love my marquee wedding photography, and the South West is a great area for finding the perfect spot!


They can be a bit of a catch 22, as many people who are drawn to a DIY wedding, do so because they want the relaxed casual style of wedding, but to successfully execute such a day takes more than your average wedding prep. These two weddings from this year swallowed a brave pill and went for it!


Debs & Lee

Hard to know where to start with these guys massive ambition! They turned an old barn, full to the rafters with their local farmers life collection of "stuff" into an epic wedding venue, completely personal to them. I went to meet them a couple of weeks before the wedding date at the barn, and it was still full of farming equpiment, let alone ready for the wedding decore to be moved in!

The transformation was amazing, and my day with them was an absolute joy.

You have captured two very happy souls to perfection

DIY Wedding Photography

Wow Wow Wow Unbelievably beautiful, You are very very talented. You have captured two very happy souls to perfection. The photo pack is just so lovely, what a super way to give them too us. I look at the photos on my phone everyday, they are seriously amazing. It was a wonderful day and you have captured it beautifully.

Debs & Lee

Ellen & Jacob

You cant beat a marquee in a field next to a river can you? You also can't beat a couple like Ellen & Jacob. Super chilled, which itself is remarkable considering within the month of their wedding they had moved house AND had a baby!! A lot of my couples are doing one or the other whilst prepping for their wedding, but never all 3 in a month. Remarkable.

..we’re really glad we chose you to join us on our special day

Thank you so much for everything you did for us, we are thrilled with the photos!! All the guests we’ve spoken to have also said how professional you are, and we’re really glad we chose you to join us on our special day. We always said the photographer was one of the things we wanted to get right and we definitely did, your style was exactly what we were looking for and the quality of the photos are brilliant. It’s been so nice to be able to look through and see so many natural photos and happy guests

Ellen & Jacob


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Posted by Lee Hawley