Amy & Kieren's Wedding Day Countdown!

With the countdown on, and lots of things to research, choose, design and buy, you are safe in the knowledge your photography is sorted.

And not only sorted, but in the hands of me, who is an obsessive planner! Between now and your wedding I will speak with your venue for any specific details which may be of use to know.

I will visit your venue and see all the areas you will be using, plus have a look around the grounds and nearby areas for any photo opportunities you may like.

This page has some helpful info including a simple to-do list, but don’t worry about remembering yourself, I will contact you on the dates.

Between now and then, enjoy the planning, live the excitement, and be as self-indulgent as you want. Remember it is your day!

If you have any questions at any time, just drop me an email and I will be glad to help.

To Do

Engagement Shoot – Usually a few months before your wedding so it is fresh in your mind, but can be any time you wish. We can do this at a place of significance to you both, or if you are short on ideas, I can make some suggestions. Your photos will appear on this page once completed, and will be in your finished pack alongside your wedding photos.

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Biography Wedding Photography Package


Pre wedding consultation – I look to do this around 2 weeks before your wedding. At this point all your logistics and timings should be finalised, so in this meeting I can make myself aware of them, along with thrash out the final requirements for any group shots and ideas you may have, plus I can let you know some of my ideas and whether you want to give them a go!

Payments – Your remaining payments are:

  • 6 month payment due October 17th 2018 £450
  • Balance payment due March 17th 2019 £395

I will remind you nearer the time.

Follow me – I keep my facebook and instagram regularly updated, so is a great place to see my latest work.

Sign your contract – Click below to e-sign your contract.

Useful Chats

Planning – It never hurts to run your days timeline ideas past me as things evolve. I can sometimes suggest the odd tweak for the time allocated to photos resulting in a good chunk of time saved.

Food – I don’t expect to be fed, but if a meal is available it is very gratefully received. I am vegetarian but eat fish and seafood.

Suppliers – I know quite a few suppliers, and happy to pas of contacts if needed.

Your Photos Here!

The first time you will see your photos, it will be when I have completed editing and upload them to this page. I will let you know by email as soon as they are ready.